Jazz vocalist Paige Duggan approach to jazz is raw and honest; revelling in jazz as an art-form with experimentation, improvisation and risk central to the approach of every song. Paige’s extensive and diverse experience as a contemporary singer naturally feeds into her unique jazz style. Her astonishing vocal skill and passion for jazz exploration equal an extraordinary and rare talent. She explores vulnerability and risk, crafting a truly engaging listening experience. Intuitive, sensitive- each number is interpreted uniquely and steeped in chance and possibility.

Her studio composition work is a unique blend of jazz-voice-layered-improvised-blusey-quirk. Paige is currently developing a body of work in her studio under the working title of ‘Enough’.

2018 saw Paige take her first formal steps as a Musical Director, MD’ing Christine Tammer’s ‘The Venue: A Singing’. This was an exciting new direction for Paige, and she took to it like a ‘duck to water’. Paige is looking forward to more Direction work and welcomes enquiries.

Paige has been performing professionally for nearly 20 years, from the time she started writing her own songs for voice and guitar. Her professional music experience has been extensive: Performing as a solo artist with her originals, jazz standards and ‘interpretation of contemporary’ songs as well as a vocalist in jazz and blues groups; the front woman of former originals funk band ‘Paige Five’; feature vocalist on hip-hop tracks with local and nationally recognised MCs; as well as various choirs and specialist choral groups, experimental and noise-core projects.

As well as her jazz album, Indigo, Paige has also independently released an album of original songs titled The Cellante Recordings. She also performs her original music with Double Bassist Andrew Vincent and Drummer Lesley Williams with Mary Card on BV under the banner Paige & The Vinleys.