Paige has been teaching voice for more than 5 years now (a natural evolution for many professional musicians). Apart from vocal teaching, she also teaches classroom music and choir as well as instruments (brass, piano and guitar) within Primary and Secondary schools Schools.

Her teaching style encourages students to find their ‘own voice’ which is built on a foundation of good vocal technique.  She also teaches in a manner which often sees flow positive flow on effects into other areas of people lives such as improved self esteem, self talk, can do attitude and resilience.

Paige welcomes students of any level (beginner through to advanced), any age (primary to ‘enjoying retirement’) who are interested in singing in any genre, including if you are interested in singing jazz, learning to improvise or writing your own songs.

Some feedback from 2018 students:

“I literally learn more with you in your gorgeous home studio than I have anywhere else, your presence became comforting and reassuring throughout my general life – not just during lessons! You’re a very understanding person, which helped ME understand MYSELF better – new perspectives and opportunities, outside opinions and praise… all led to a whirlwind of self-awareness and beautiful thoughts… and best of all, CONFIDENCE. You taught me the value of confidence and persistence, resilience and MISTAKES. What I took from my lessons with you, including strengthened skills in singing, AND your awesome little visualisations and metaphors, are parts of me that I will cherish forever through all of life’s endeavours. You f*ing ROCK – thankyou to the moon and back Paige.”

“Paige you are fantastic. Singing lessons are a highlight in my very stressful year of a life as a working mother.” (Chrissy, 40 something-year-old mother and professional musician and teacher)